Kopfkino Company -  [ˈkɔp͡fˌkiːno]

“Kopfkino” is a German term that can be translated as Proust's Madeleine in English: a phenomenon of reminiscence of memory. Someone, something, a lived situation triggered by a gesture, an object or a smell.


Within “Kopfkino” Benjamin Coyle draws a singular choreographic work, surrounded by performers whom he approaches above all as strong presences.

In these processes, he invites dancers, musicians, composers, visual artists and anthropologists. His choreographic work is marked by an interest in atypical assumptions, pretexts for a constant questioning of the stage. Compositions that are not afraid to play with our perception of time, nor to unbury memories that tend to universality. He ads to the lighting the work of smells in 'The Individual Failure', or writs a solo for 1m2, Kopfkino tries to make his credo define: to give the viewer the desire to dive into his magical thought, offering to see new correlations between the sound, visual and energetic universe.

His last solo 'Eldfell' premiered in March 2017 at the New Theatre of the 8th in Lyon, was presented on conventional theatre scenes, a natural amphitheatre in the middle of the night, in a basement and a market hall.


For Benjamin Coyle, the stage is a tool for reflection that questions our relationship to the world. He tries to create soft and sensitive spaces that can deal with repressed subjects or that we give little importance to in our daily lives.

The choreographic work deepens timeless questions such as memory, intimacy, rooting and cultural uprooting to deliver a singular vision of the world.


The creation 'The Individual Failure' with Antoine Mermet, musician and long-time collaborator, was premiered in June 2018 at the “Fraternelle” in Saint Claude (Jura) and was presented at the New Theatre of the 8th in September 2018 as part of the Festival Ebriété| Flirt and Gallantry.

Since 2016 the Company has been based in Auvergne-Rhône Alpes,France.


Driven by his passion for choreographic research, Coyle pursues research times in parallel with the company's creations.

He organizes improvisational times with clarinettist Pierre Horckmans of the Pince Oreilles Collective.

Through the simultaneous approach between improvisation and choreographic writing, a collective body is born with more performative tones thus creating a new entry into the subject and new possibilities to explore.


The work of gesture and movement is marked by a high precision of the movements with an increased sense of musicality.

Each gesture is made with an extreme sensitivity and spatialization that allows to open imaginations only with a simple movement.

A sobriety that accesses the intuition of the performers and the public.


Kopfkino also seeks to promote cultural linguistic and bodily exchanges through literary, musical and other themes related to the practice of dance.


January 2021 Benjamin Coyle presented his last piece LA  SÉANCE  at Le Pacifique CDCN in Grenoble. 

Currently he is preparing a tour of his Solo 'ELDELL' in Spain and Portugal and will start a new research phase at RAMDAM, UN CENTRE D'ART in Lyon October 2021.


Benjamin Coyle, born in Cologne (Germany) studies at the National Conservatory of Lyon. After working with Carolyn Carlson at the National Choregraphic Center in Roubaix, he continued working as a freelancer in Berlin. He works with Miet Warlop, assists choreographer Herrmann Heisig in Sophiensaele/Berlin and collaborates with german actress Corinna Harfouch at Hebbel Theater am Ufer/ Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen. He also takes part in Salzburger Festspiele Prodction of  'Il Trovatore' by Alvis Hermanis and the 'Rencontres International des Jeunes Créateur d'Art' at Festival TransAmérique-Montréal. Back in France he collaborated with Yan Raballand, Cristina Lucas for the Festival Do Disturb (Palais de Tokyo). 


2016 he created his own work in Lyon under the name of Company Kopfkino. He uses body, text, visual art and live music to question our relationship to our memory, the link between our unconscious world and the reality we live in. Between 2016-2018 he co-founds 'les grandes tables' a monthly talk for the local community of artist/production managers. With Lola Maury he co-founds  'Cellule d'Essai, a series of collective and interdisciplinary platforms for experimentation and sharing of practices. Currently he is preparing a new choreographic research cycle at RAMDAM UN CENTRE D'ART (Lyon) for October 2021.