la séance - Creation 20/21 - 14th of January 2021


La Séance / The Session

Like an imprint... 

This new work seeks to reveal a moment of sensitivity out of listening to our memory, thus reiterating something we have lived, notably the memory of our deceased ones. The absence becomes tangible and memory emerges. La Séance explores the relation of the body with subconsciousness calling for what is not here anymore to make visible what is or was. A hybrid language unfolds through sounds and energetic vibrations and tries to render the gaps between body and space. Every movement is lead with precise sensibility and spatialization drawing the contours of our memories. La Séance interbreeds dancing, songs and objects to offer a ceremony of intimacy inviting each one to listen to oneself and take care of one’s existence.





Choregrapher & performer: Benjamin Coyle

Performer: Benjamin Coyle & Lauriane Douchin

Musician: Gilles Poizat

Props: Fanny Maugey

Dramaturge: Konrad Kaniuk

Light designer: Julien Poupon

Production manager: Nadia Polle

Premiere: 14th of January 2021 at Le Pacifique CDCN Le Pacifique


Co-production: Le Pacifique CDCN Grenoble - Auvergne- Rhône-Alpes,  Centre Chorégraphique National Rillieux la Pape, direction Yuval PICK

Funding for experimentation, Year of 2019 : RAMDAM, UN CENTRE D'ART 

Funding: DRAC Auvergne - Rhône-Alpes Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication au titre de l'aide pour ce projet

Rehearsal studios : Le Pacifique Centre de Développement Chorégraphique National - Grenoble /  Maison de la Danse Lyon / Centre National de la Danse Lyon - Résidence d'Expérimentation / Studio Lucien Cie Propos / Honolulu - Loic Touzé - Nantes 

The Individual Failure  - Creation 17/18

©Aristide Saint Jean
©Aristide Saint Jean























 Duo Performance - June 2018 at la Fraternelle - Maison du Peuple - Saint Claude


For two. A dancer and a musician merge their instruments to transcribe a story related to the memory of a deceased one. The Individual Failure tries to recreate an annual ritual an elder used to do, by using gestures, image and music. At the center, there is an accordion impregnated by the performer’s presence. This object is animated by music and dance. Bodily gestures shape an old body and draw music emerging from faraway melodies, paying a tribute to the accordion’s sounds played by a belated grandmother.


Creation & Performance : Benjamin Coyle & Antoine Mermet

Dramaturgy: Krystel Khoury

Costumes: Marie Odin & Madeline Cramard

Props: Marie Odin

Light design: Gilles Rosillo

Production: Kopfkino



Studio Work:

Point Ephémère - Paris / Les Subsistances - Lyon / Le Dancing - Cie Beaugeste - Dominique Boivin - Val de Reuil / La Fraternelle Maison du Peuple - Saint Claude / Studio Lucien Cie Propos Denis Plassard - Lyon / Performing Arts Forum - St.Erme / Centre National de la Danse - Lyon


ELDFELL - Creation Mars 2017

©Laura Selenz
©Laura Selenz

Solo Performance - Mars 2017 at Nouveau Théâtre du 8e – Lyon, France


Alike a sleeping or a half-awaked volcano, this second solo by Benjamin Coyle is a sensorial as well as a spatial and temporal journey marked by a hypnotic force. A soundscape evoking remote nature comes together with immensely precise movements. On a metronomic cadence, the standing man walks, his minimalist gestures become progressively more complex along their repetition. He draws evanescent lines, of which only the retinal imprint will stay. Like a fake rambler in a constantly pre-eruption state, restrained almost condensed, the standing man, walks without moving forward. He seems to be escaping, freeing himself, wanting to run away, holding tightly to something but is at the end aspired by the magnetic force created by his own dizzying whirlwind. 

The standing man, although still standing at the same spot has moved forward. Alike a lava, his movement spreads, and the cycle starts again.


Choreography & Field recording: Benjamin Coyle

Musical arrangement: Antoine Mermet

Costume: Aurélie Cheneau

Production: Kopfkino


 Studio Work: Studio Lucien - Cie Propos - Lyon

Premiered on 31st of March 2017 at NTH8, Lyon 


Can Love be a Sin ?  Février 2014 Berlin
































Concept & Choregraphy: Benjamin Coyle

Accessory: Fanny Maugey

Costume: Lane Schäfer

Sound: Antoine Mermet


 With the support of Centre Chorégraphique National de Roubaix-Carolyn Carlson/ Compagnie Beau Geste-Dominique Boivin/ Centre National de la Danse-Lyon/ ADA Studio/Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte/ S.ES.TA Prague, Remerciements: Fanny Maugey/ Antoine Mermet/ Cristelle Khoury/ Lane Schäfer/Mathieu Drouet/ Lauriane Vinatier/ Anna Luise Recke


Premiere: 15/ 16 Février 2014 au ADA Studio/Uferstudios Berlin

Sophiensaele Berlin 100° Festival Mars 2014

Le Croiseur Lyon Septembre 2015