Antoine Mermet uses saxophones, voice, laptop, electric devices, fx pedals, improvisation, composition, production and remix.

He studied classical saxophone, composition, electroacoustic and jazz in french schools and conservatory (in Lyon and in the beautiful Beaujolais).

Involved in bands he co-founded or joined (CHROMB! - THE VERY BIG EXPERIMENTAL TOUBIFRI ORCHESTRA - 1000 FRANCS DANS LA GORGE), others including live-poetry (PLUS D’AMOUR ET MOINS DE TRAVAIL PAPIER, MARCHES), dance (ZUZWEIT), and a solo project, MANVOY DE SAINT SADRILL.

Invited by Dancity Festival 2012 (Foligno, Italy), he creates BLISSTERS with Italian producer Tommaso Pandolfi (aka Furtherset).

Since 2012, he also works with french saxophone player Jean-Charles Richard through an octet of young jazz winners (II/V/I) living in the region of Rhône Alpes (Franse).

He also played with Jacques Di Donato, Lionel Martin, Franck Vaillant, Médéric Collignon, Catherine Delaunay, Yoann Durant, Martine Altenburger, Scalde, Maxime Derlpierre, Marie Rubens, Bruno Tocanne, Mimu, Cubenx, Fraction, Des Fourmis dans les Mains…

He released tracks and remixes on labels such as Infiné (France), Technowagon (Italie), Tigerbeat6 (USA/Allemagne), Active Suspension (France), alone or in duet in BLATTCOUTURE (rip) for Randy Twigg, dDamage, Arandel, Furtherset, Mensch.

He played at Grnnd Zero (Lyon), Berghain (Berlin), Gaîté Lyrique (Paris), La Fraternelle (Saint Claude), Dancity Festival (Foligno),Sonar Festival (Barcelona), and also in bars, caves, fields and appartments.


Antoine Mermet 

Saint Sadrill 




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