Born to a German mother and a British father, Benjamin Coyle is living and working between France and Germany.From 2006 till 2010, he studied Contemporary Dance at the National Conservatory of Dance and Music in Lyon (CNSMD)

 He performed at the Young Ballet of the National Conservatory of Lyon under the direction of French choreographers Julien Monty, Michel Kelemenis and Yan Raballand.

In 2009 he creates “A piece about a kitchen”, a dance-theatre piece for 4 dancers. In 2010, he performs a solo entitled “Chocolate and a rose” in the frame of the Museum of Fine Arts 7th edition “Music and Dance” event, in Lyon. With a special focus towards cultural diversity and his hybrid roots, Benjamin Coyle explores different ways of creating choreographic works in order to shape his own specific vocabulary.

In his creative process, Coyle likes to combine different media and so, collaborates with artists coming from various aesthetic horizons and using other artistic forms, in particular musicians. In Mai 2010 he creates in collaboration with the viola player Julien Lo Pinto a choreographic partition based on “L'arc fauve”, a composition by François Rossé. In this work the two artists explore aesthetic relationships between dancer and musician building a common, subtle and original vocabulary.

Parallel to his creative career, he continues to seek for his own choreographic vocabulary and improve his technique by refining his movement knowledge. His experience as a dancer/performer is nourished by encounters with international renown choreographers and dancers such as Matanicola,Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esaola (Sasha Waltz and Guests Company), Jan Lauwers (Needcompany),Daphnis Kokkinos (Tanztheater Wuppertal) and Carolyn Carlson.

In 2013 he has worked with German actress Corinna Harfouch. A piece mixing dance and theatre based on the literal work of Libanese writer Etel Adnan.(Hebbel Theater Berlin). For 2 years he has staged “Lou(p) y-es tu?” at the Centre Choreographic of Roubaix (Carolyn Carlson) and in the region of Nord Pas de Calais.

He was in residency for his last solo work “can love be a sin?” at the Centre Chorégraphique National de Roubaix/Dominique Boivin Compagnie Beaugeste ‘la dancing’/ Centre National de la Danse Lyon, which premiered in February 2014 at ADA Studio in the frame of “Berlin Tanzt. Auf 22 Bühnen”


He is currently working for Yan Raballand  «Les habits neufs de l'empereur», a piece for children. He also works for the Index Company an outdoor performance of 3 short dance-musique pieces.


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